12 Designer Bags to Invest in 2017

A classic designer bag is what most women dream of. Each person has their own wish-list of the bags she would like to invest in. For 2017 we at wabisabiluxury have compiled our own list. Let’s hope at least 1-2 of these make it to our closet ASAP!

 1) Chanel Classic Flap Bag


If you are going to buy only 1 bag this year. Look no further. The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is it! 

Available in four sizes – small, medium/large, jumbo and maxi – buying the Classic Flap is one of the most reliable investments you could make.

Classic Chanel bag is the desire of every woman. It goes with any cocktail party or you can use it as office purse.

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2) Hermes Birkin


A celebrity favourite.

Each Birkin bag is handmade in France by one single artisan, and can take up to 18 hours to complete, from start to finish. They come in sizes 25, 30, 35, and 40, and two travel sizes, 50, and 55, as measured in centimeters, and in a variety of leathers and skins. Each season, new colours are introduced, as well as some limited edition ones.

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3) Louis Vuitton Neverfull


The ultimate travel tote available in various sizes and different prints & colours. The Neverfull is a simple and understated tote style bag. It’s a versatile bag that can be folded in at the sides to create a different shape and is also completely reversible!

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4) Classic Medium Kate Monogram Saint Laurent Tassel Satchel


Perfect for formal nights out, this Saint Laurent Tassel Satchel bears the iconic YSL emblem, making it both eye-catching and understated all at the same time.

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5) Celine Luggage Tote


Although a classic design in appearance, this Celine bag was created in 2010 and wasn’t immediately a huge hit. Sizes Currently Available, Smallest to Largest: Nano, Micro, Mini, Medium Phantom, Large Phantom

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6) Chloe Drew Bag


Chloe can do no wrong!  This gorgeous bag comes in many colors and polishes off a casual or dressed up look. it instantly elevates any outfit and gives the simplest looks a chic, ladylike vibe.

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7) Givenchy Antigona Duffel

You’ll never go wrong with the Antigona Duffel bag! This structured bag can be worn for almost every occasion With loads of colors and contrast, you really can’t go wrong.


Crafted in Italy from immaculate black leather with a hard-wearing canvas lining, this structured design has more than enough space for your work or weekend essentials, along with a multitude of pockets to keep smaller items in check. Carry it by the top handles or optional shoulder strap.

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8) Lady Dior


The Lady Dior was created in 1994 with the sole purpose of becoming a classic – and it succeeded, helped along by Princess Diana. Available in a variety of colours and fabrics each season, and in mini, standard and large sizes, 

Dior charms on their bags attracts a lot of attention too folks!

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9) Knot Clutch – Bottega Veneta


A luxurious combination of textures perfectly complements the elegant, rounded shape of the Knot clutch. Based on an archival design, reintroduced in 2001, the Knot is a masterpiece of design and artisanal craftsmanship. Each interpretation reconfirms the irresistible beauty and timeless charm of this iconic bag. “Discretion, quality, and unsurpassed craftsmanship,” is how Bottega Veneta elegantly describes its aesthetic. A team of artisans, based at an atelier in the Italian town of Montebello Vicentino, is at the heart of each collection.

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10) Prada Galleria Bag



Though officially called the Galleria by Prada, it is better know as the Saffiano Lux bag, after the leather it is made of, which was first created and patented by Mario Prada, Loved for its roomy interior and simple, available in a variety of sizes, it is suitable-for-work design, it has become a true classic over the last decade.

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11) The Chanel Boy Bag


Another bag to consider for investment is the Chanel Boy bag. While the Boy bag is fairly new, introduced in 2011, it is now a mainstay—joining the ranks of the classic flaps and reissue flaps. Chanel products are all crafted with impeccable attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. As such, Chanel has remained a staple in the wardrobes of fashionistas everywhere!

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12) Louis Vuitton Speedy

speedy 30.PNG

The Speedy is one of the most iconic bags of Louis Vuitton. It’s big enough to carry your daily essentials without overstuffing the bag and you can personalize it with your initials through the brand’s Mon Monogram program.

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Has your favourite made the list? Which Bag will you be investing in this year?

We would love to hear from you! Comment below!

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