Footwear you’ve got to LOVE!

I know we at wabi-sabi are obsessed with handbags but we are actually obsessed with ALL THINGS NICE and that includes your shoes too!
So I was speaking to a few friends of mine and the topic slowly drifted to Footwear and we started listing the Dream List For Footwear.
So here is our Dream List rather wish-list, honey are you reading this? ;P
1) Manolo Blahnik
manolo blahnik
Manola Blahnik is synonymous with incredible footwear. These are the most sought-after shoes in the world.
2) Louis Vuitton
A staple of any fashionista’s closet, Louis Vuitton shoes are sure to turn heads wherever you go.
3) Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin is known for their high heels and iconic red soles. Invest in these, you could never go wrong with a pair of classic Louboutins!
4) Jimmy Choo
Shoes that are artistic and a brand worn by many celebrities. A pair of Choos are like a piece of art for your feet!
5) Alexander McQueen
A luxury shoe line that is both cutting edge and classic at the same time. It combines the beauty and elegance of 16th century design with the modern looks and practicality we have today.
6) MiuMiu
miu miu
Fashionable & Comfortable? Colourful and artistic? Then Miu-Miu is for you!
They were the first ones to introduce stylish and luxurious ankle shoes to the world. Given that their collections are mostly funky; the brand is super famous in girls.
7) Brian Atwood
If you want A pair of shoes that make people stop and stare then Brian Atwoods are for you! Made in Italy and known for their excellent craftsmanship and superior quality the shoes make your legs look longer!
8) Deeasjar:
Deeasjer’s bespoke luxury shoes are hand-made in London, designed with passion and are unique to you. Deeasjer’s shoes are tailor-made to match your personality.
9) Stuart Weitzman
Stuart Weitzman is known for its one-of-a-kind, million-dollar shoes. The company’s trademark is the use of unique materials not usually used for shoemaking.
10) Gucci
Gucci shoes are especially commended for its quality and comfort. So if that is your priority then these are for you!
If you could buy any pair in the world what would be on top of your list? Tell us in the comments below.
Until Next Time,
Team WabiSabi

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