Must Have Shoulder Bags!

As you all are aware we are obsessed with bags & all things nice. Someone in our team is investing in a shoulder bag but doesn’t know which one to buy or rather is confused and we realised that a lot of other girls must be contemplating the same decision.
So we have put together the top 5 that we have selected! Vote for the one you love and we will convince her to buy it!
Embroidered Boy Chanel
From the latest collection of Chanel (read our review here)
This is embroidered Boy Chanel is an exceptional piece. We love the embroidered look which was a part of the entire collection and can make any outfit look feminine.
GG Marmont Velvet Chain Shoulder Bag
The soft structure, the over large flap size and the cute heart in the stitching behind are some of the reasons we loved this bag. Also it breaks the traditional monotony of black with this beautiful Petrol Blue Velvet colour that we just love!
Louis Vuitton Wight
lv .jpg
It’s a great day to evening bag with an amazing Bordeaux down the centre that just adds to the elegant look of the bag. The Gold chain handle are adjustable making it either a cross body or a shoulder bag thus making sure you get your moneys worth. And even though it might look small it is very spacious
Prada Cahier Bag
This Calf Leather Bag with animal print details and an oversize snake gold buckle in the front just stole our heart. We love all the little details and the size is just right for a shoulder bag. The two compartments in the bag make it easy to store the essentials when going out and with a Black and Gold combination you can never go wrong!
Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag
We loved the colour and the shape of the Faye Shoulder Bag. It has a cool 70s vibe to it. The ring loop with hook and chain is something that caught our eye and makes this bag stand out. It transitions amazingly well from day to evening! 
So which bag should she get! tell us in the comments below

5 thoughts on “Must Have Shoulder Bags!

  1. Oh my gosh, the Prada Cahier bags have really caught my eye recently! They’re so beautiful and luxurious! I haven’t seen one in real life yet, so I don’t know how the quality is, but the pictures are blowing me away 😍 Absolutely stunning!


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