Wedding bag list!

What absolutely scares me in a destination wedding, why? Because I have this fear I will forget something at home and have no way to go get that and panic and oh my god my anxiety is kicking in with just this thought.

So, turns out you can forget stuff even if you don’t have a destination wedding and the venue is too far because venues are too far. Here are a 5 tips to keep in your small cute bag on the day!

1. Tissue Paper- Yup, tissues will help you to blot your face through the day as it will be hot, your outfit is too heavy and make up girl.

2. Lipstick- Get a lipstick handy in your bag, if you are the girl who is like me excited for the food more than the wedding itself then you must carry this.

3. Wet Wipes- Keep these handy to clean that smudy eyeliner or lip stick gone wild.

4. Bobby Pins- Keep lots of pins for your hair or anything that needs some care.

5. Pocket Mirror- Your lipstick wouldn’t have gone wild if you had this mirror, keep this in handy to apply or check your make up in between.

Well, we’ve covered the basics and look forward to what else you girls have in mind.

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


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