What to carry in your Trousseau?

Hello my pretty bride!

So here’s what I jotted down when the time came to pack my bags, everything that is absolutely essential in the immediate time is what I carried.

Top 5 things you must have in your trousseau:

1.Work out wear!

Get new work out wear to stay fit, trust me wedding prep is just the beginning you need a lot of ME time post marriage.

2.Regular Wear:

You won’t feel like wearing something old post marriage, get new outfits apart from your party wear selection. There will be a lot of casual brunches, dinners and outings with new family members or friends to go for.


Footwear is essential, no outfit is complete without the perfect footwear. Get some for regular days, party wear and  workout.

4.Make up:

Invest in good make up products, you will need this during your honeymoon, post marriage parties and small celebrations to look fresh and your gorgeous self.

5.Skin & Hair Care Products:

Set a skin and hair care regime, get products to carry there with you as this is the first thing we forget even on our travel journey.


Essentially get everything you would normally own in your house and make your new house feel just like HOME.


What else did you carry in your trousseau? Tell us in the comments below!


Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi


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