2017 Winter Style

Winter is Coming! No we aren’t talking about Game of Thrones but actual winter brrrrrr is coming. So wherever you may be its time to dust of your winter jacket and air out your sweaters!
We have put together a set of looks and tips that might inspire your winter look!
Psstt….These tips can work well for work or for play 😛
Layering is my favourite go to in winter. Instead of wearing bulky and thick winter wear, what works really well for me is layering up. A simple tank below my top, a thin sweater. A wrap around cardigan and a jacket with a scarf. This works really well cause the temperature fluctuates during the day and i can easily remove or add layers whenever.
An over-size scarf can go a long way! It dramatises the outfit the right amount and makes it look dressy.
We love Faux Fur. It just adds the right amount of Oomph to your outfit. A jacket with faux fur is an amazing must have in your closet! For inspiration
A comfy sweater in any colour makes your outfit Pop. If it doesnt get too cold where you stay you can just wear that sweater as an oversize top.
You can even add a denim jacket to this outfit to give it a cool chic look.
So what did you think? Any of your go to looks featured here? Or any ideas to add?


Tag us with #WabisabiWinter
Until Next Time,
Team WabiSabi 🙂

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