Amritsar Must Eat & Must Buy!

We are completely in love with this city, we spoke about our Travel to Amritsar on Sunday and here is our top picks of places you must eat at and places you can buy from!

Places to Eat:

We already spoke about eating at Kesar Da Dhaba in our previous article but you must try this tiny road side joint right outside Golden Temple, one boy sells hot dal wada which is made on sigdi and with a delicious imli chutney, you can’t stop eating this trust me!

His Name: Ram Mong Dal Laddoo waala,

Right out side Katra Jaimalsingh

Another dhaba, well this one is not a Dhaba as such but a franchisee of the dhaba at Golden Temple entrance, Bharawan Da Dhaba! (Reason we did not eat at the Golden Temple outlet is because they were not a clean place hygiene wise)

Buttery delicious food but not as good as Kesar Da Dhaba ofcourse!


Places to Shop,

So the easiest thing to do is step into Katra Jaimalsingh and right where Ram Moong Dal Laddoo wala stands is a phulkari specialised shop, get all kinds of beautiful Phulkari sarees, Dupattas, suits and more.

Now we hope we’ve helped you here, tell us more places in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi

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