Wardrobe Organizing Tips

Wardrobes are notoriously hard to keep organized. With some effort and practice, you can have a neat, tidy and attractive wardrobe in no time! First, organize your clothing into neat sections within the wardrobe. If necessary, purchase organizational tools such as wall hooks, dividers, and shoe racks. For example, shirts should be hung up while thick sweaters should be folded. Last, if you’re having trouble keeping your wardrobe tidy, you may need to get rid of some clothing.


Follow these steps and keep practising till it becomes a habit: –


  1. Organize your clothing by type
  2. Organize each section in your closet
  3. Use the vertical space in your wardrobe
  4. Consider purchasing organizational tools
  5. Hang any tops or blouses
  6. Hang up lightweight dresses
  7. Fold and stack heavy sweaters
  8. Hang or fold jeans
  9. Hang up easily wrinkled bottoms
  10. Use dividers and hooks to store accessories
  11. Store small clothing in drawers


If the cupboards are different, then you should arrange your clothes in a different way. For example, if you don’t have any shelves or sections, you could just put them into neat piles or hang them up.


If something is torn, stained, or damaged irreparably, then you should throw it away. If something is in good condition, but you do not want to keep it, then you can donate it. Everything else can be kept.


Do comment below to ask any query or give suggestion regarding keeping your wardrobe organised.


Until Next Time,


Team Wabi Sabi Luxury.

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