How to take care of your designer bags!

We love our bags & can’t watch them get dirty or start getting fungus, eww no!

Here are a few tips you can use to maintain your bags:

1. Store Them Properly
Do your bags get tossed onto a at the bottom of your closet? Are they just dumped together in one place and not used frequently? If you want your bags to last longer then they currently are, ensure that you have stored them the right way. The ideal position is upright in their dust bags or a cotton pillowcase. Never store them in plastic or vinyl as this traps moisture inside. Stuff your bags with scarves, sweaters, or acid-free tissue paper, or use a handbag insert made specifically for this purpose. Cross the handles over each other to avoid wear on the bag and unclip any removable straps for long-term storage.

2. Regularly maintain the bag in the following ways:
1. Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty or have lotion or cream on them.
2. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight.
3. Rotate which handbag you carry regularly so that they don’t wear out too quickly. This is also a great way to air your bag.
4. Use a suede brush to clean and revive suede.
5. Regular use of a leather moisturizer will keep the leather supple and free of cracks.
6. Wipe your bag down on a weekly basis (when in use) with a soft cloth.
7. Each month ensure that each bag you possess is aired out and isn’t only kept in your cupboard. Certain types of leather stains on its own causing self stains and discolouration if not aired and used frequently.

3. Take It to a Professional
For stains and wear and tear beyond your handbag maintenance skill set, take it to a handbag repair professional. They’ll treat it for you, clean it, and restore colour as needed.

What did you think of this? Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi

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