A Fashion Blogger’s Dilemma!

Now that I have your attention,

Two words: “Writers Block”

Trends are changing, more travel logs, new collections launched & about to release yet here you are stuck with a Writers block wondering about what to write for your article? It’s not about the content but about what content do you talk about?

We at wabisabi are always on the look out for new trends, gorgeous outfits, classic looks, makeup trends (new & old) but sometimes all of this becomes too much of a mix to handle.

Luckily I have a boss who allows me to write about what my heart speaks out to, this week it’s sort of nothing!

The world of fashion, luxury & style in growing but here I am with nothing to talk about; so this time I let you pick.

Tell us what should we talk about this week?

A new makeup product?

Winter style collection’2018

Wedding dresses you must have!

80’s outfits comeback

Vacation; Asia

Kim Kardashian & how she slays ;p

Look forward to your response!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi

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