Railey Island Tripping!

As you’ve noticed on our Instagram we’ve been on a small holiday to Railey Island and Krabi!

Railey island has become my favourite island now, the peace, fun Walking Street & delicious vegetarian food! I literally roamed the streets with Singha. *Dehydration Alert*

Here are a few things you can do at the island on your trip!

Stay at Railey Princess Resort, very good staff, delicious food & an amazing room

A peak into our room, also Hello New Nike !

Be careful of monkeys though, we had one sitting in our balcony chilling.

Next we went to Walking Street for dinner

Bought some nice sandals, got a dress but a total waste since the colour came on my skin.

We had a delicious veggie lunch at #RaileyPrincessResort

The next day we headed for a stroll at Railey West beach, literally kept my phone at the hotel and lay down under the sun with my Singha ofcourse.

The detox I needed since a long long time.

Day 3: Rock Climbing *fell miserably*

This one is for a really fit person, me being a lazy ass couldn’t handle this nor did I trust the instructor who had me hanging on his body weight without any other safety. Hell To The NO!

Our instructor really tried to gain my trust which he did get for a while but 5mins into climbing up the rock I decide no way hoezayy…

Another girl in our group (it was a group of 3) she did three levels, ofcourse she also was a Triathlete.

Post that we went to Walking Street for a Thai Massage & delicious indian food at Kohinoor, a place full of tourists and I had better Indian food compared to what we get here in India *mindblown*

If you have time you can make an advance booking at this dinner only restaurant that is hosted under Prah Nang Princess cave overlooking the beach.

Rayavadee Resort is the place to book.

Next up I will share my view on our 4island tour from Railey, keep reading!

Until Next Time,

Team WabiSabi

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